Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid at Vegan Holiday Gatherings

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IMG_1633.JPG Pictured above: Krimsey and Jess (sisters!)

Are you attending a vegan holiday party this season? Whether you’re hosting or attending, vegan or omnivorous, mammalian or reptilian… it is completely possible to host or attend a vegan party and feel like a normal person!

IMG_1567Pictured above: Siracha and Garlic & Herb vegan cheese board at the Krimsey’s Krewe Appreciation Party (cheese by Kite Hill; assembly by Tim Hoffman of Krimsey’s Cajun Kitchen).

Holiday parties are about coming together and celebrating.  If you want to have a good time and make sure everyone around you doesn’t hate you, please keep reading.

IMG_1569Pictured above: Chocolate Layered Mint Oreo Cake at the Krimsey’s Krewe Appreciation Party (cake made by Krimsey of Krimsey’s Cajun Kitchen).

1. Don’t bring non-vegan items to a vegan party.  


Most vegans spend all day every day surrounded by meat and other artifacts of animal cruelty. Our homes are our only sanctuaries. Whether it’s a stick of beef jerky in your purse, milk-containing food gifts for others, or even chicken treats for the dog, please respect your host’s lifestyle. This also applies to the cookies you made that were vegan except for the tiny little bit of butter you used in the icing. Be sure to check drink mixes for animal products, too.

2. Don’t form an omnivorous circle of secrets.  

We know what you’re doing. A group of snickering meat heads in the corner is a dead-giveaway on who is close-minded and afraid of new things. Don’t get me wrong, you can still do this, but the rest of us will just roll our eyes and go on feeling sorry for you because you’re terrified of the vegan caramel popcorn bowl.

3. Don’t tell everyone about how you “used to be vegan” or how “you would go vegan, but…” 

These statements are exhausting for vegans to hear. There’s always some annoying girl that “used to be vegan but had to stop because she got sick.” Don’t be that girl! If you were vegan and only ate chips, fries, and Oreos during your short experiment with veganism, don’t blame it on health issues. You ate like shit. Own it! If you’re a guy who thinks he could never be vegan because he needs 300 grams of protein per day, save the comment for the 24 hour fitness locker room. We get it, you’re totally against factory farming, but you need to hit your macros.



4. Don’t focus only on vegan conversational topics.

Seriously. It’s ok to take a break every now and then! Enjoy learning new things about your friends and family outside of what they think about consuming honey or whether they think it’s wrong that lions eat zebras.



5. Don’t talk about the burger you ate before you came over, or the one you’re going to get when you leave. 

We’ve heard that one 1000 times already, and it’s still not funny. This may seem like an obvious tip, but you’d be surprised. This also applies to dairy, eggs, leather, fur, or any other animal product you may have consumed recently. If you eat meat everyday, why do you think this burger is special enough to tell everyone about?

img_1620.jpg Pictured above: The Krimsey’s Krewe!

If you can follow these 5 basic rules, your holidays should stay merry!  Do you have more tips to add? Comment below!

IMG_1554 Pictured above: Louisiana-Themed Holiday Sugar Cookies at the Krimsey’s Krewe Appreciation Party (cake made by Krimsey of Krimsey’s Cajun Kitchen).